Over population

There is a evident population problem in the world. Shared by MEC’s and LEDC’s, they both contribute to the problem that is overpopulation. Our planet is changing and many environmental indicators have moved outside their range of the past 50 years. If we cannot develop policies to cope with this, the consequences may be huge. We have made progress. Life expectancy and standards of living have increased for many, but the population has grown to six billion, and continues to grow. The global economy has increased 15-fold since 1950 and this progress has begun to affect the planet and how it functions. Toxins such as CO2 and SO4 are being put into a atmosphere at rates which are increasing our greenhouse effect. Even though we see LEDC’s which look more overpopulated than our developed county, the facts are that we use much more of our resources than they do. In fact, if the whole worlds population was just Ray’s we would need 5.9 worlds to use. Trash is burred underground and will not decompose for thousands of years, this is why I believe that recycling is the key to save our planet. Everyone should use birth control or be fined by the government.


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